We have a new feature this week: Random link.  If you go to our main directory page on your laptop and look at the top of the right sidebar you will see a random site that is listed in the directory. Click on it and go if you want.  It changes each time you visit.  Could be a website could be an article.  Fun! Adventure!

Visits from Googlebot and Yandexbot continue.  I guess that’s good.  I’m still have no idea if Google even likes directories.  A couple of worthless “marketing” ‘bots have been around.

Mystery Guests:

We’ve had a couple of “Guests” from the Pacific Rim camp out in our Help pages.  I think they are bots but they are not marked as bots.  They just seem to hang out in the Help pages, sometimes they leave and then come back. Odd.

Added a few very interesting blogs, podcasts and microcasts to the index.  So we continue to grow, find new things and learn.  Good stuff.

See you next week.



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