Who may submit a URL?
1. Anyone can submit a URL.
2. You do not have to be the owner of the website you are submitting.
3. All listings are free.  We do not accept any payment for listing, ranking or editorial review.  We are not in this for money. This is not about money.
4. We do not require any reciprocal links.  If you want to link to us, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, but we never require it.
5. Email Address (Optional):  Supplying an email address is strictly optional. If you want to to be informed about your listing status add your email.  If you do not want to be bothered leave it blank – your choice.  We don’t spam.
How do I submit a URL?
1. First, check and see if you are already listed.  You can submit either a whole website or a single page that you think is special.
2. Work down through the categories to the subcategory you think your site fits in best.  There should be a Link in the right sidebar, “Submit URL” click that.
3. Fill in the required fields.
4. If your website has an RSS or Atom feed, put that feed URL in the RSS field.
5. Complete the reCaptcha to prove you are not a bot.
6. Submit.

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