July was a busy month with lots of new features and changes.



Stumblizer –  In July I cobbled together a random website finder, sorta like the old StumbleUpon.  This has turned out to be surprisingly popular.  There must be a lot of bored people out there.  I keep adding a few new websites to the Stumblizer index when I find something that fits with the theme.


Directory Stumble – This is another random site finder like Stumblizer (above) only filled with different types of directories.  It would appear that not everyone is as enamored of directories as I am since it gets almost no use. *sigh*  It was an experiment and just never took off.  But it is unique.  Still, I’ll keep it up because, you never know, somebody, someday, might enjoy it.


Retroweb Ring –  Our new webring has gotten steady interest and I invite you to join.


Webmaster Page –  I added a page listing various free things and guides we have for webmasters.


Changed Weblogs Category –  Weblogs was always the category for personal blogs so it made sense to move it from under Internet to being under Personal Pages.  Like this: Personal Pages > Weblogs.


Made a button – W00t.  I made a button for Indieseek.  You can see it on our Link to Us page.  It’s not fancy but it’s a button.  I used Sadgrl’s Button Maker and the excellent Online Converter to convert the image from png to gif.



Added a bunch of directories.


We got listed in – Smooth Sailings Listings , List-Me and Link Lane Listings.  These directories may be small but are well established and have already sent traffic.


Turned off Comments on individual Link Listings – only one or two people have ever left comments besides me since we started in 2018 so best to turn them off.


That’s the roundup for July.

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We’re Listed

Indieseek.xyz got listed in the official Indieweb wiki at Indieweb.org/directory.  We’re there along with directories made by Joe Jenett and Kicks Condor.

Rearranging Categories

Created a new top level category Books. Made Fiction and Nonfiction sub-categories of Books.

I was showing some friends of mine my new Kobo ebook reader and realized they knew very little about ereaders.  If they had questions, maybe others have them too.  So I created two new categories under Books: eBook Readers and eBook Sources.

Top Categories

I changed the lineup on the Top Categories page.  Much to my surprise, the News category has proved very popular.


Added a few new author sites

Added lots of listings to those new ebook categories, including a good mix of sources for free ebooks, because free is good and we like free.

Plus added a couple of vintage sites.


Chris McLeod submitted his weblog Mr.Kapowski to the directory. Thanks Chris!  Chris talks about web development, miniature painting and war games.

Hyperlink Nodes Directory

Over at nodes.indieseek.xyz I managed to add a blogroll, a linkblog and a niche directory.  We add them as we find them.

Many thanks to the many people that support Indieseek.xyz.  If you would like a way to support Indieseek I would ask that you link to us.  Thanks.

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Alarms and Excitements

We had our share of excitement here with part of both Indieseek.xyz and Nodes.indiseek.xyz directory scripts partially down for awhile.  The problem was the Php errors would only show when logged out of the sites and I, being the Admin, am almost always logged in.  No telling how long that was going on.  Fixed now.


I’m no longer rushing to to seed the directory with listings.  This is good because it gives me more time to work on more detailed descriptions.  I have also started writing Comments for listings to give my thoughts on things, like: why it’s listed, my experience with it, my recommendation, etc.  This lets me editorialize while keeping descriptions more neutral.

New listings will be added through new submissions and websites I find along the way.  I have added a few blogs and other websites.  I always keep my eye out for blogs.

Meanwhile at Nodes.indieseek.xyz

Over at the link clump directory, I’ve added a couple of linkblogs to the listings.

I also added a new category of traditional web directories.  I added these to show younger people how we found stuff on the Web before search engines got good and before Google.  Since they are still around, I thought they should be acknowledged in some way.



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We actually broke through the 700 listings mark in the directory.

I added a bunch of Role Playing Game (RPG) podcast sites, quite a few blogs, and a lot of book review websites.

Reviews and Directory Launches

I wrote a review of Kicks Condor’s new href.cool directory.

I launched a new tiny directory of link clumps.  Announcement here.

We Gotcha News Feeds Right Here

It’s an easy guess that the blog here on Indieseek.xyz has a news feed but did you know that the directories also have RSS feeds of the newest listed sites?  Well we have links to them all below for your feed reader, in a bunch.

Indieseek.xyz Blog – RSS

Indieseek Directory new listings – RSS

Hyperlink Nodes Directory new listings – RSS

Some Favorite Posts in 2018:

Directory Building Just Got: Easier, Cheaper and #Indieweb

Finding Your Directory Niche

Building a Local Directory

How to Build a Town News and Event Portal

Decentralized Search and the #Indieweb

That’s it.  Thank you for reading and using the directory.  Have a great New Year and a peaceful 2019.

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It’s been slow here at the directory. Real World and holiday fuss has been getting in the way of my schedule.  But the good news is that directory listings have a fairly good shelf life so they won’t spoil.

WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg

The blog part of this site is powered by WordPress and the recent update to WordPress 5.0 has forced plugin developers to push out a rash of updates to their plugins. Despite that some things are broken here: widgets have had fatal errors and died, and other oddities. All that is a timewaster, trying to correct things and track down the causes.  As I write this I’m not sure this post will even publish correctly.


Blogger Ton Zijlstra submitted his blog Interdependent Thoughts to the directory, so thank you Ton!  This is good because Ton was able to write his own description for the listing which summarizes the subjects and themes of his blog far better than I could do.


I added a few more podcasts, couple of blogs, music sites, news and vacuum cleaner collector sites.


You may have noticed, there is a comments link for each listing in the directory.  If you particualarly like the website, software or whatever listed I encourage you to comment on it.  My hope is that we all can help guide others to the good stuff.

Featured Catagories

Society>>Emergencies – handy links from US Government guides.

Society>>Emergencies>>Preppers – Some prepper stuff, which I tried to filter out the extemes and go for useful info. But also a lot of living off the grid sites which could be useful in case of a widespread, extended power outage (ie. Puerto Rico).

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah or Happy Solstice.

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We have a new feature this week: Random link.  If you go to our main directory page on your laptop and look at the top of the right sidebar you will see a random site that is listed in the directory. Click on it and go if you want.  It changes each time you visit.  Could be a website could be an article.  Fun! Adventure!

Visits from Googlebot and Yandexbot continue.  I guess that’s good.  I’m still have no idea if Google even likes directories.  A couple of worthless “marketing” ‘bots have been around.

Mystery Guests:

We’ve had a couple of “Guests” from the Pacific Rim camp out in our Help pages.  I think they are bots but they are not marked as bots.  They just seem to hang out in the Help pages, sometimes they leave and then come back. Odd.

Added a few very interesting blogs, podcasts and microcasts to the index.  So we continue to grow, find new things and learn.  Good stuff.

See you next week.



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Fun with WordPress themes.  I looked into installing the Indieweb Twenty-Sixteen theme, but Live Preview started freaking out when I tried to preview the directory part of the site.  I took that as a sign not to save and try it live, especially before a holiday when support might be spotty.  Sigh.  There are so few Indieweb ready themes so I don’t really have any other choices.

Instead I lightened up the current theme a bit by changing the background color.   Not much more I can do.  Colors are not my thing.

In the footer of our search results I replaced MetaGer search engine with Dailywebthing: Linkport search because it’s also indexing the independent web.

Adding New Sites:

Slowed for the holiday week.  But I still added some Neocities sites, some good blogs, and a few other listings.


Listings related to Internet privacy are scattered all over the directory so I created a Privacy Category and cloned a copy of all those listings to it.  So now you can see it all in a bunch.

New Posts

Bookmark: the dailywebthing linkport

Directory Building Just Got: Easier, Cheaper and #Indieweb


Have a great weekend!

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The big news is we reached 600 listings. New listings include: articles on how and why to blog, sites on education*, World War I, blogs, gardening, and naval miniatures and paper airplanes.

Simon Woods put our search box on the footer of his blog.  I’m quite proud he added it. Thank you Simon.

The footer of our search results page has a list of search engines you can continue your query on.  I had to do some editing: 1. Findx shut down so I replaced that, (see below for details), 2. I also added an extra meta search engine I ran across: eTools.ch. It’s not a privacy engine but I like it anyway.

Select Posts

Thoughts on a Directory of Hyperlink Nodes

Privacy Respecting MetaGer.org Search on Indieseek.xyz

How to Build a Town News and Event Portal

Neocities Districts Directory

Bookmark: The internet that took over the Internet


* Thank you to John Johnston for adding the education links.

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Milestone: we passed the 500 link level.

Added a Top Categories page to highlight the directory categories that are shaping up nicely into a good resource to browse.

Created a top level category “Podcasts” with a subcategory “Microcasts” under it in the directory. Podcasts and Microcasts get listed twice in the directory: Primary in a category that matches their topic and Secondary in either the Podcast or Microcast category.

Highlighted Posts:

Building a Multi-Directory Search Portal

Use Any Door You Want

Finding Your Directory Niche

Wiby.me Listed Us

Building a Local Directory



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Busy weekend.

  1. Continue search on search results.  As reported before now when you search the directory you will see links to take you to a search engine for the same search term(s).  Dmoz.org used to have this. Search engines are: Duckduckgo, Findx, Mojeek, Startpage, Wiby.me.
  2. Webmaster Resources is now a top level category in the directory.  I moved some things buried in Subsubsub categories to bring it to the surface.  I also added a many more resources to that category.  You can’t assume a certain level of knowledge so sometimes you need to list the obvious.  I stuck with stuff that either I have used or has a good reputation, so I didn’t try and list everything just the basic starter bits. I have a good list of WYSIWYG HTML editors and site builders, blogging platforms, directory scripts and more.  If the Indieweb is about people on the web owning their own domain and controlling their content then we had better bring the tools to do that front and center and standing at attention.
  3. I passed the 400 link number.
  4. I added more HTML codes on the Link to Us page for more choices. (Figuring out textareas was High Level Coding for me. 🙂
  5. Googlebot is voraciously devouring the site, but I’m not expecting a lot.  SEO bots and spam bots are also all over the site.  Bingbot is being coy, but that is SOP.

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