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For a long time there have been two types of personal web pages:  1. static, old school, personal homepages, and 2. personal blogs.


A digital garden is a place to keep your public notes, partially formed thoughts, ideas, crazy ideas and personal knowledge as you think about them, add on to them as they grow and finally harvest them for some sort of publication either as a blog post, scholarly paper, book or whatever. A digital garden is very different from a blog, but it may well share a website with a blog, or not.  A digital garden is somewhere in between a fleeting thought and a polished essay on a blog.

It’s the new thing and the buzz is catching on.


Digital Garden Defined


There is no sense in me rewriting what Maggie Appleton has already written better than I can.  Click the link below for her history and description of a digital garden.

A Brief History & Ethos of the Digital Garden


The above is well worth reading.


I’ve added a new category for Digital Gardens in the directory.  This will provide you with numerous examples of different DG approaches.


How to Build Your Own Digital Garden on Neocities Using TiddlyWiki


Here is a step by step guide on making a garden with TiddlyWiki.


If you want to publish your digital garden on the web (after all, the point is to foster collective thinking), you can host it with any free static website hosting provider, such as GitHub, NeoCities, Netlify, or Vercel.


How to build a digital garden with TiddlyWiki


Other ways to Create a Digital Garden


Digital Gardening for Non-Technical Folks


This is a good guide for people, like me, that don’t know how to code their own.  This is so new that there are not digital garden scripts out there yet except for some roll your own on Github.  A lot of people have been pressing wiki scripts into service for this so you might look into that route.


Other Reading:

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