I have been reviewing a lot of retroweb (yesterweb) type static HTML sites lately.  These harken back to the Geocities sites of old and it was great fun seeing what is being built.  Most of these are being hosted on Neocities which is trying to revive what we lost with the demise of Geocities.

Static Web Hosting

I ran across another small free host for static homepages: Vistaserv out of Australia which is like a much smaller version of Neocities.  You only get one page for free but it has a HTML builder and they seem keen to have people build a homepage.  Neocities has an active community going while Vistaserv seems more quiet, and sometimes quiet is preferred by introverts.  Vistaserv strikes me as a good place for the homepage for a webring or something.

Remotely Hosted Guestbooks and Other CGI for Your Static Site

I noticed many static sites I reviewed have guestbooks just like they did in the old days.  But static websites can’t run Perl or Php so they have to use remotely hosted scripts.  Once upon a time there were many dozens of companies that provided remotely hosted scripts but it looks like most died off after the death of Web 1.0 and the rise of the corporate-slick Web 2,0.  I’ve managed to hunt down a few though and placed them all in the Hosted Tools category.  While we think of these things as tools for static sites, even some blog owners might want to have a guestbook and may need to use a third party hosted guestbook.

That’s it for now.  Have fun building the Web.

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