I added some new search engines to the directory here.  What makes these worth listing is they all have their own index.  This makes them unique even though the index may currently be small.

  1. GoWiki – Small, growing, privacy.
  2. Petal Search – New commercial search engine from Huawei.  I think their index is fairly large.  I don’t know if they are using another search engine (maybe Yandex?) for backfill. Assume it is not private.
  3. Plumb One – Index is small, growing.  Plumb uses Bing to provide search results when their own index does not have enough listings.
  4. Right Dao – Small, growing, uncensored, privacy.
  5. Search My Site – Open source, lists personal and independent websites only. This is a curated index.  Only crawls sites that are submitted and only after human review.  I like this one.  The front page suggests searching for hobbies or interests and my searches of “role playing” and “indieweb” brought up lots of interesting results.

All are listed in the directory under Search Engines or Indie Web Indexes.

Hat tip to Seirdy for making me aware of most of these new search engines.

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New Listings


Love is Zero – Is a site submitted by the owner just today.  What makes it stand out to me is it’s a really well done fusion of Geocities type sites translated to WordPress.  It just gives out a great ’00’s vibe while also taking advantage of some of the extra features WordPress provides.  Also, there is a lot of original fan fiction and resource listings and a blog, all in a very talented and attractive website.  Recommended.

What’s also cool is this site and it’s peers are intended to be found by surfing with “affiliates” and “elite affiliates” and other meticulous hyperlinking.  This is how we surfed the web back in the old days and it’s great to see webmasters still doing it.

Love is Zero is listed under > Personal Pages.

Moreover, Love is Zero led me to a bunch of non-commercial small directories.


All these directories have been added to the directory under Internet > Searching > Specialized.

Some of these have been around for a long time.  They are what the web and hyperlinking are all about: helping people to navigate the web.  In this instance they help non-commercial personal and hobby sites get found.  It’s like there is this semi-covert web surfing network just below to the surface.  Google has abandoned them for Brand Names and commercial sites only care about themselves and money and yet here we have a bunch of good little directories linking us to the fun sites that I call “the street fair of the web”.  These little directories and the sites they list are the true Independent Web, it never went away, it’s still here.


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Bookmark: A Webring Kit | Max Bock

This lets you set up, and manage your own webring on Github.  I presume you need to be a Github member to do this and know about things like pull requests (which I don’t).  Points to creator Max Bock for innovation on figuring this out.

I added this to the directory in Webrings.

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I and a few others have been wrestling with the whole issue of discovery of non-commercial blogs and websites and how to keep said efforts relatively low tech and low cost to stay within the reach of the average user.  Keeping in mind that we are down to only two major search engines with their own indexes, that act as gatekeepers for the English speaking world, and we need to have a guerrilla web discovery movement.

Our answer at this time is: some sort of small curated directory.*

But it’s hard to encourage people who are alone and unsure to build a directory of any sort without a support community to learn, find resources and talk shop in.

Therefore, I’ve put together a: Tiny Web Directory Forum, for anyone interested.   Topics will be both practical about building and running directories, but also about non search engine ways of discovery and theory.  If interested, join and participate.

What we are not about: is setting up directories for link popularity or SEO.


*Note: For the purposes of this announcement I’m defining “directories” as directories, linkblogs, extensive link lists, webrings, things that are hybrids of directories and search engines, blogrolls etc. In short, alternate ways of navigating the web.

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Bookmark: the dailywebthing linkport

A large linkblog of the Independent Web.  Linkport is basically mapping the same sorts of sites as Indieseek.xyz only for a lot longer.  Use the keyword search or click on a category and for all practical purposes you have a human edited search engine / directory of the Independent Web. This is the best put together linkblog I can ever remember seeing.

Created by @jenett

Added to the directory Internet > Searching > Linkblogs


This was also posted to



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Bookmark: The internet that took over the Internet


If you look deep enough, beneath mountains of attention hoarding, illusion photography, trending trends, you’ll find the old Internet, the one with content, knowledge, individuality, but you need to look hard. Can it be saved?

I have listed this essay in the Internet category of the directory.
Great essay on what happened to the old Internet, why it was superior to Web 2.0 and some thoughts about rebuilding it.  This is exactly why I established the Webmaster Resources category here at the directory. It has HTML editors, scripts and generally all the links one needs to build some sort of website.

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