Allegedly guestbook host, 123Guestbook, is closing down on July 1st, 2024.  I can’t confirm this on the 123Guestbook website, but if it is true and you currently use them you will want a replacement.  Just today I found out about a new free hosted guestbook service: The Personal Web, (which includes other hosted tools).

A couple of weeks ago another new guestbook host, Atabook, crossed my desk and looks interesting.  Info and features on the site.

Since time may be short, I thought I’d pass this info along.

I’ve added both of these to the Hosted Tools category of the directory, where you will also find a bunch of other guestbook hosts for static sites.  I have not used either of the two guestbooks linked above.  I use a different guestbook service on my personal blog and a WordPress plugin for the guestbook here on the directory.  Feel free to sign.  Thanks.

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