I’m launching a new linkblog, named Link Punk, which is primarily for articles and blog posts I find interesting and that I want to share, but that I don’t really have any commentary of my own to contribute.  It’s just a link to an article or blog post, which is different from the directory here at Indieseek.xyz where the index favors listing websites.

Anyway, the linkblog gives me a place to quickly share articles that don’t quite belong here in the directory.  There are a lot of ways to follow Link Punk on social networks, RSS feeds or even email and I’ve listed all that on the About page.

Thanks and have a great day!


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My favorite search engine www.mojeek.com has created a bunch of 88×31 buttons.

If you collect buttons on your website button wall and want something unusual here they are:

Retro buttons: circa mid-2000’s to the early teens. Based on old Mojeek logos from those times.

Current buttons:  based on the current logo.

I recommend it for general purpose searching, if you have not tried Mojeek.  I like it for the following reasons:  1. privacy, they don’t track you, 2. they have their own index, 3. because they have their own index they tend to come up with lesser known websites in their results.

But whatever, even if you don’t try Mojeek or use them, if you want a free button they got them.

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The big news is that Indieseek.xyz has surpassed 1500 links!

1,501 links in 19 categories, with 65,430 clicks. Directory last updated Apr 23, 2024.



These were all added manually by me or submitted by webmasters.  I don’t scrape links nor do I have a crawler.  I find links all over and a large number come from social networks and server logs.  Mastodon and Micro.blog have become very useful in this regard.  It’s also a good way to rationalize the time I spend on social networks and forums in that it is entertaining but I’m also doing work.

I’ve continued  the work flow of adding at least 2 new listings per day over the last several months.

Most of the sites added are personal web pages and personal weblogs.

As I’ve mentioned before, you don’t have to wait for me to find your website, you can always submit your URL to the directory yourself.  It’s the fastest way of getting listed.  And, your personal website is important, you took the time to design and build it and it is about you, your interests, your vision and it is art.  I would hope you would share it.


Enough for now.  Other projects are in the works so stay tuned.  Thanks for your interest.



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There has been a fair amount of small changes and additions at Indieseek.xyz.

New Listings:

The truth is I don’t get that many many new submissions for the directory.  So most new listings are websites found by me, mainly via social networks and some through Indieweb.org.

Over the last couple of months I’ve been adding about 2 websites per day, every day, plus any submissions I accept over and above that.  I used to add websites in large batches, but this workflow works better for me and keeps a daily stream of new URLs for directory visitors.  Which means you can expect approximately 60 new websites added per month.

I also spot check for dead listings as I go.

New Website of Note

There is a new hybrid directory for personal websites that I recommend you check out:  AboutIdeasNow.  I call it a hybrid because, after human review, it actually indexes the onpage text of the  /about, /ideas and /now pages of a personal website and uses that data when you search the directory.  This is a much more complete data set than a traditional directory which only searches Title and Description fields.  It’s a great idea.

We Break 1400 Listings!

There are now over 1400 listings in the directory even after deletions for “dead wood.”   (Some old websites have gone dark, I always hate that, it’s like losing an old friend.)  Anyway, now we begin the march to 1500.

88×31 Buttons

I added a button for iwebthings directory on the blog sidebar since we’re listed there.  Also on the sidebar I’ve added a Mojeek privacy search engine button and a Vivaldi browser button for stuff I use everyday.  I’m currently hunting for a nice Linux button.


That’s it for March.  Have fun on the Web.

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Making Websites Should Be Easy  |  Flamedfury.com


This.  People who know how to code often don’t understand that many first time webmasters don’t want to learn hours of arcane markup before we build our first web page.  And, to us, CSS is like staring  into The Abyss.

#indieweb  #doitwithhtml

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Share Your Focus  |  Mojeek.com


Mojeek is open sourcing the templates for it’s Mojeek Focus feature.  Focus lets you define what websites you specifically want to search.  The templates are lists of the sites you want to search within this allows users to share these different specialized focus search engines with each other.  Example: you can make a Tolkien/LOTR search engine, a baseball search engine, an Indieweb search engine, etc.  I think you could also make a Focus template that would only search Neocities and other free hosting sites.  This is a bit like Yahoo’s old Rolly-o (sp?) service but more open.

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