In September, 2018 I issued a call to action: Let Us Build a New Web.  This directory is a direct result of that post, putting some time and money where my mouth is.

“A human edited web directory of the Independent Web.”

Somewhere in the transition from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 the big corporations took over the web and a huge number of independent websites, that were never commercial, disappeared.  With that the fun got sucked out of the web.

We need to take the Web back.  And we can, by building the kind of Web we want to see.

The problem is, most of the Web 1.0 infrastructure  is long gone. So if we are going to encourage people to rebuild the independent “fun” web we, darn well, better have ways of finding those websites.  That’s what is all about.


  1. Assist in the navigation of the Independent Web.
  2. Promote decentralized web search.
  3. Assist others in the rebuilding of an Independent Web.
  4. Explore ways to federate or network with like minded directories and search engines.

Other stuff:

  • This directory will never be huge or pretty, but we will try to be handy.  Think of us as a little free library of web links.
  • We will not charge for a listing.
  • Our standards for listing are high. Not all links submitted will get in. It’s nothing personal.
  • However, that said, personal sites, blogs, podcasts, individual pages, have the best chance of getting listed.
  • We have no expectation of ever making money running this directory.
  • This is a long term effort.
  • We want, encourage and will support other people to start their own unique indie directories, niche directories and search engines.
  • We want, encourage and will support people that start their own website.
  • Our goal, as a directory, is not to keep you onsite.  Our goal is to help you find a link you want to look at as quickly as possible.


How is Indieseek related to

  1. We fully support what is doing.  I consider myself a very very very minor member of that movement.
  2. Indieseek is not a part of, although our paths are parallel.  We would like to list all those blogs and websites that the Indieweb is encouraging people to build, so we encourage them to submit their URL here.
  3. Frankly, we’re not sure how we would formally fit in with the Indieweb movement, since they don’t talk about search engine silos much.  Also, there seems to be a “code your own” script bias, whereas we like off the shelf because we don’t code and also, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.  But it’s all good because there isn’t only One Way to solve a problem.
  4. is dealing with returning the social networking to the Web and building websites that can communicate with each other.  This is a huge job, taking on the big social silos of Facebook and Twitter.  They are doing wonderful and amazing work.   We are more focused on discovery and dealing with the Google search monopoly.
  5. Our blog here at Indieseek, is equipped with Indieweb plugins, webmentions and Indieweb “elven magic” so I can talk to other blogs and syndicate out to social networks.  That makes us a bit of a hybrid site.