There has been a fair amount of small changes and additions at

New Listings:

The truth is I don’t get that many many new submissions for the directory.  So most new listings are websites found by me, mainly via social networks and some through

Over the last couple of months I’ve been adding about 2 websites per day, every day, plus any submissions I accept over and above that.  I used to add websites in large batches, but this workflow works better for me and keeps a daily stream of new URLs for directory visitors.  Which means you can expect approximately 60 new websites added per month.

I also spot check for dead listings as I go.

New Website of Note

There is a new hybrid directory for personal websites that I recommend you check out:  AboutIdeasNow.  I call it a hybrid because, after human review, it actually indexes the onpage text of the  /about, /ideas and /now pages of a personal website and uses that data when you search the directory.  This is a much more complete data set than a traditional directory which only searches Title and Description fields.  It’s a great idea.

We Break 1400 Listings!

There are now over 1400 listings in the directory even after deletions for “dead wood.”   (Some old websites have gone dark, I always hate that, it’s like losing an old friend.)  Anyway, now we begin the march to 1500.

88×31 Buttons

I added a button for iwebthings directory on the blog sidebar since we’re listed there.  Also on the sidebar I’ve added a Mojeek privacy search engine button and a Vivaldi browser button for stuff I use everyday.  I’m currently hunting for a nice Linux button.


That’s it for March.  Have fun on the Web.

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Busy times.

Updated:  Website Promotion Guide for Personal Blogs and Website Promotion Guide for Static Personal Sites, I noticed links that had gone dead plus I found several new places to submit URL’s to which look very interesting.  Both are good guides for getting either your blog or your html static site discovered.


New Category:  “Autos” for mostly vintage automotive sites.


New Listings:  I’ve added lot’s of new listings to the directory over the last two months.  Many new personal sites and weblogs.  More sites to be added.

As I add new listings I try to check the directory categories for dead wood (listings that have gone dead) for removal.  This is a never ending process for any directory.  It’s boring as heck but it needs to be done.  It makes me feel like I’m taking two steps forward and one back.


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July was a busy month with lots of new features and changes.



Stumblizer –  In July I cobbled together a random website finder, sorta like the old StumbleUpon.  This has turned out to be surprisingly popular.  There must be a lot of bored people out there.  I keep adding a few new websites to the Stumblizer index when I find something that fits with the theme.


Directory Stumble – This is another random site finder like Stumblizer (above) only filled with different types of directories.  It would appear that not everyone is as enamored of directories as I am since it gets almost no use. *sigh*  It was an experiment and just never took off.  But it is unique.  Still, I’ll keep it up because, you never know, somebody, someday, might enjoy it.


Retroweb Ring –  Our new webring has gotten steady interest and I invite you to join.


Webmaster Page –  I added a page listing various free things and guides we have for webmasters.


Changed Weblogs Category –  Weblogs was always the category for personal blogs so it made sense to move it from under Internet to being under Personal Pages.  Like this: Personal Pages > Weblogs.


Made a button – W00t.  I made a button for Indieseek.  You can see it on our Link to Us page.  It’s not fancy but it’s a button.  I used Sadgrl’s Button Maker and the excellent Online Converter to convert the image from png to gif.



Added a bunch of directories.


We got listed in – Smooth Sailings Listings , List-Me and Link Lane Listings.  These directories may be small but are well established and have already sent traffic.


Turned off Comments on individual Link Listings – only one or two people have ever left comments besides me since we started in 2018 so best to turn them off.


That’s the roundup for July.

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I made a Thing!

Actually I made two things.

Two site randomizers to entertain you and help you discover things on the Web.  And … Adventure!

  1. Stumblizer – this is my cobbled together version of the long gone StumbleUpon.  It is a site randomizer so you click the link and you get a random website.  It’s for entertainment.  These are not quick one-shot sight gags, there is stuff there, if you have a curious mind the sites could turn into rabbit holes to explore.
  2. Directory Stumble – This was my test bed and proof of concept.  This is for hard core web surfing. Like the name implies, every directory in Directory Stumble is a web links treasure box, with hundreds of links, that can act as a starting point for further web surfing adventure.  Just follow those hyperlinks.


I know there are a lot of stumble type sites on the Web already and all of them have a nicer UI than mine.  But maybe there is room for my two stumble-thingies as well.

There is no advertising, they are about having fun with hyperlinks, surfing, exploring odd corners of the Web at random and also discovery which is what Directory is all about.  Also, unlike the original StumbleUpon, this is just a randomizer, it does not try to tailor recommendations for you personally. It just gives you, a. random. site.

I hope you enjoy them.

Also posted on IndieNews

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June 2022 was a busy month here at  I cranked out 16 new posts on the blog which ties my record.  This includes two website promotion guides one for static websites and another for personal blogs.


New Webring

I started the Retroweb Ring, a new webring for non-commercial, personal pages like static HTML sites, but also personal blogs and directories that list them.  You are invited to apply if you meet the criteria.

Webrings are undergoing a revival and there is high demand to both start a webring but also join a well managed ring.



I installed a new guestbook.  I’m taking a cue from the old Web and many personal homepages, and giving people a chance to give feedback or just be neighborly and say “Hi”.  Please sign.


New Listings

Lots of new listings in the directory both submitted and found.


Did you know we have a separate RSS feed that shows only new directory listings?  Just the new link goodness.


Site Promotion

I submitted the site for inclusion in several directories.  I won’t name which ones because that wouldn’t be fair to them.  I’m not sure we will be accepted but I guess I’ll find out in time.




Things get broken on a website.  After a few years of constant updates to both the directory script and the blog script certain pages quit working or got scrambled or the menu got messed up.  Anyway I spent some time fixing things and clearing some dead wood out of the directory.  It always pains me when an old time website finally goes dark.  It’s sad, just sad.  But still more to do because it never ends.


More to come in July!  Stay tuned.


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I am the crawler for the web directory.  I found and added 9 sites today, 13 yesterday, about 9 the day before…


I can see why these newfangled search engines might catch on.

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A few months ago I submitted this blog and my personal blog for listing in the Blogarama Blog Directory.  I used the free listing option, then the whole pandemic hit and I forgot all about it.

Sure enough, a few months after submission I was notified that both blogs had been listed!  That was kind of neat since “free submit” many times translates to “no luck”, but an editor did look at my blogs and did accept both into the Blogarama directory.

The other news is that I actually get real referral traffic from Blogarama.  People are using that directory and are visiting blogs from it.  The traffic is not huge but it is there.

You should check out Blogarama as a place to find blogs and/or if you have a blog, a place to get it listed.

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Today, this site joined Hotline Webring.

Hotline is a new style webring so you don’t have to do a lot of registration to join.  In fact, this is one of the easiest webrings to join – you only have to do 2.5 simple steps and it just works.  The webring code is straight HTML which you create, just follow the instructions.  This is nice because the ring code does not take up much space.  I have no idea how it’s coded but that hardly matters because it just works.

There is no subject theme for the webring but it mostly appears to be made up of personal blogs, websites and some cool retro Web 1.0 type sites.  You will find a list of all sites in the ring at the link above, so you get an idea of who you are hanging out with.

It’s young, it’s fresh, it’s got a pink background.  Why wouldn’t you check it out?

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I’ve been slacking on these weekly updates so this might incorporate more than a weeks worth of Indieseek goodness.

New Links List – I’ve been adding a steady stream of links just about every week.  There is some interesting stuff here.

Selected Recent Posts:

Till next weekish have a good time. 🙂


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