It was no surprise to me that a day or two after signing up for Yandex Metrica, Yandex’s answer to Google Analytics, that Yandexbot showed up and started indexing the site in depth and especially the directory.  And Yandexbot keeps coming back for more.  Yandex is right up front about their mission, they provide this extensive analytics service because they are a search engine company and this helps them discover new web pages – IOW, same reason as Google.

I’ve used Yandex Metrica on my blog site for several months and have been very pleased. They even have a WordPress plugin.

The reason I don’t use Google Analytics, is Google already knows enough about me and my websites, I don’t trust them and I’m certainly not going to give them inside information on my website traffic.  I don’t totally trust any search engine company but I like to break up information about my websites into separate silos.  Yandex is free and more powerful than GA and is real time and GA isn’t.

Here is a good article on Yandex Metrica and it’s features.

Google already knows too much about you, give Metrica a try.

Back to the spidering:  I get very little traffic from Yandex and I don’t expect much.  But when I do a site search on I notice a little logo that says results enhanced by Yandex.  While I can’t prove it, my theory is that DDG uses Yandex for really deep site search crawling.  So being in Yandex’s index may have benefits unseen.  It can’t hurt.

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