I changed how the default search function works here on the Indieseek.xyz directory.  Previously, when you searched, you got a list of listings only.  I’ve changed the default to “Search All”  which gives you a tabbed search result: Listings, Categories, Comments.  The tabs are at the top of the search results page.

Listings is the default tab you see right away, but the Categories tab is the important one because if you find a category that matches your search query you are more likely to to find all the sites listed for that subject.  (Example: try searching for “directory software”, “webrings” or “indieweb” and click on the Categories tab and you will see what I mean.)

Hopefully this will give you a better experience when searching the directory.  Please let me know in the comments below.

The best way to use a directory is to find the category that matches your subject.  Using the Category tab offers a shortcut to digging deeper into the directory.

Just like before, if you don’t find what you want you always have the option of continuing your search on one of six other privacy or Indieweb search engines or directories at the bottom of the search results.

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