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You can add the directory search directly to Vivaldi browser.

Vivaldi has general instructions: Search your favorite websites quickly.

  1. Use the article from Vivaldi.
  2. Go to this page on
  3. Put your Cursor in the search box.
  4. Right click > “Add as Search Engine”
  5. Follow the prompts.

The same general thing works for Opera but does not work with Firefox.


  • I gave the nickname “i”.
  • So to search Indieseek with Vivaldi all I have to do is type “i scifi” into the Vivaldi address bar and I initiate a search for “scifi”.  Quick and simple.
  • Indieseek’s a directory not a search engine so broad simple, one or two word, searches work best: (ie: author, science fiction, blogging, blog, computers.)
  • Indieseek will never replace a good search engine, but our listings are not based on popularity, but are carefully chosen by humans.


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