Summer is really over here at the directory.  My break from, both the directory and the blog was intentional.

  • I wanted to gauge traffic and usage of the directory during a period when I wasn’t actively posting blog posts or syndicating to social networks.
  • I wanted to see if I got any submissions to the directory.  Would it grow organically, without me adding URL’s?
  • It was summer and I needed a break from the computer.  Also, I’m the lawn boy so I had chores.

What I Learned:


  1. No search engine traffic to the directory itself, some search engine traffic to the blog.  It appears (and I was warned by SEO’s) that Google does not like web directories and that appears to be true.  Although, it is ironic that Googlebot hammered the hell out of the directory here at when I first started.  Google wants the info, but they don’t give back.  I may follow through with my threat to ban Googlebot from the directory.
  2. Some search engine traffic to the blog.  Not a lot, because it’s not a popular site.  Also the subject of “web directories” is pretty well dead in 2019.  Just not a popular topic anymore, which is okay, I’m not complaining, I knew that when I started.  Anyway, the blog is indexed and gets some small trafffic from search engines.
  3. Not many spam URL submissions to the directory. This is good news.
  4. More spam comments to the blog.
  5. Some visitors actually use the directory to find websites!  Yea!  That is what we are here for.

Most of the above might sound discouraging but it’s about what I expected. is a long term project and it takes time to grow traffic from scratch.  The directory will never be huge, but it hopefully will be useful in finding non-commercial sites and pages on a subject.

What I did

  • I found some sites that have deleted their content – dead wood – and deleted them.  I need to start spot checking and clearing dead wood.
  • I added some sites that were submitted. (Those are only the last 30 days.)


I’ve got a lot of good sites gathered over the summer, in my bookmarks, so I’ll be adding those.  Also I’ll try to fit in more blog posts.  The problem is, other than announcements, I’m running out of directory and search engine stuff to talk about.

I’ve also been wondering if we need a mailing list or a forum or something for parties interested in linking/directories who can’t seem to get on the Indieweb.

from Kicks Condor on: Wikipedia Discusses Curlie Links

Yeah I think that is a good idea for a forum. Even if it’s only 3 or 4 people, it’s a place to knock ideas around.



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3 thoughts on “Back to Work on the Indieweb and

  1. I did this too. A directory is a long game – I think you can safely roll-up
    changes every 3-6 months. Cool that you got some submissions!
    I think what we need more than a forum – is an easy way for people to make
    little directories. I mean even just link lists would be a start.

    • I know a programmer who 15 years ago made a PHP program that that made hosted directories. I don’t think it ever got out of beta but it was stable and I tested it by making a little directory on it and running it for a few years. All one had to do was register and you got a subdomain directory with a simple control panel for adding categories and sites. A lot like only for directories. It worked fine.

      It checked all the buttons: no script to install, easy to sign up, easy to make links and easy to use. But it wasn’t pretty and I don’t think he ever figured out how to monetize it.

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