Fun with WordPress themes.  I looked into installing the Indieweb Twenty-Sixteen theme, but Live Preview started freaking out when I tried to preview the directory part of the site.  I took that as a sign not to save and try it live, especially before a holiday when support might be spotty.  Sigh.  There are so few Indieweb ready themes so I don’t really have any other choices.

Instead I lightened up the current theme a bit by changing the background color.   Not much more I can do.  Colors are not my thing.

In the footer of our search results I replaced MetaGer search engine with Dailywebthing: Linkport search because it’s also indexing the independent web.

Adding New Sites:

Slowed for the holiday week.  But I still added some Neocities sites, some good blogs, and a few other listings.


Listings related to Internet privacy are scattered all over the directory so I created a Privacy Category and cloned a copy of all those listings to it.  So now you can see it all in a bunch.

New Posts

Bookmark: the dailywebthing linkport

Directory Building Just Got: Easier, Cheaper and #Indieweb


Have a great weekend!

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