The big news is we reached 600 listings. New listings include: articles on how and why to blog, sites on education*, World War I, blogs, gardening, and naval miniatures and paper airplanes.

Simon Woods put our search box on the footer of his blog.  I’m quite proud he added it. Thank you Simon.

The footer of our search results page has a list of search engines you can continue your query on.  I had to do some editing: 1. Findx shut down so I replaced that, (see below for details), 2. I also added an extra meta search engine I ran across: It’s not a privacy engine but I like it anyway.

Select Posts

Thoughts on a Directory of Hyperlink Nodes

Privacy Respecting Search on

How to Build a Town News and Event Portal

Neocities Districts Directory

Bookmark: The internet that took over the Internet


* Thank you to John Johnston for adding the education links.

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13 thoughts on “The Weeklyish Summary 18 November 2018

  1. @bradenslen Hi Brad, I was looking over your new listings and was surprised (pleased) to see your Penelope Trunk listing. I followed her for a long time, a strong & verrry independent voice. I already mentioned her in my piece on How I Blog. It’s well along, but not done yet. KUTGW!

  2. @Ron Penelope Trunk was about the only post I found on all those search engines that wasn’t in it for the money. I think I found her on Mojeek. I like that engine it coughs up stuff the others bury.

    Take your time, I’m looking forward to your essay.

  3. @Ron When do you expect to ship um… I mean publish it? I love reading other people’s thoughts on blogging. I need to write a long post on how I blog as well. I try to get my posts done all in one session, though.

  4. @jenett They have a smallish database, just over 2 billion pages and many of the Big Name sites block everyone but Google and Bing. But in spite of that, Mojeek is good for coming up with lesser known sites that are as good as the Big Names.

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