Busy weekend.

  1. Continue search on search results.  As reported before now when you search the directory you will see links to take you to a search engine for the same search term(s).  Dmoz.org used to have this. Search engines are: Duckduckgo, Findx, Mojeek, Startpage, Wiby.me.
  2. Webmaster Resources is now a top level category in the directory.  I moved some things buried in Subsubsub categories to bring it to the surface.  I also added a many more resources to that category.  You can’t assume a certain level of knowledge so sometimes you need to list the obvious.  I stuck with stuff that either I have used or has a good reputation, so I didn’t try and list everything just the basic starter bits. I have a good list of WYSIWYG HTML editors and site builders, blogging platforms, directory scripts and more.  If the Indieweb is about people on the web owning their own domain and controlling their content then we had better bring the tools to do that front and center and standing at attention.
  3. I passed the 400 link number.
  4. I added more HTML codes on the Link to Us page for more choices. (Figuring out textareas was High Level Coding for me. 🙂
  5. Googlebot is voraciously devouring the site, but I’m not expecting a lot.  SEO bots and spam bots are also all over the site.  Bingbot is being coy, but that is SOP.

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