Link additions continue.  About 25 new listings as of today derived from rooting through my old bookmarks, my web prowling and webmaster submissions.

New Directories Listed!


  • i.webthings directory – a curated directory of non-commercial websites, which I knew about but somehow overlooked adding.  I like the slick, neat layout.
  • Webring Directory – Dang. There is a heck of a lot of new webrings out there!  You can add yours if it’s not listed.
  • The WebRings Fanlisting – a very nice, extensive link list of webrings.
  • Yesterlinks Directory – a human reviewed directory of non-commercial websites. You can sort categories, search it, and add your URL.  I find it refreshing that they do not require a link back before listing.


In other news, I added a new quote to my collection. Only I know which one it is. 🙂


I added two new pages:

Top Articles – this to help resurface some old articles from 2018 that got buried.  People are starting to build some small directories again so I thought I’d spotlight them in case they help.

How to Add URL –  to replace a page that got garbaged in some past update of the directory script.


That’s it for now.  Have fun out there.

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