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Read: Almost all searches on my independent search engine are now from SEO spam bots. Blog.


That makes it especially tragic to report that nearly all the traffic to the site is now from SEO spam bots, presumably searching for all that elusive SEO spam-free content.


This is why we can’t have nice things.  Everything on the internet turns into a spam or ad infested flow.


I wish I could help this person but I don’t have the technical skills to help.


Getting human traffic:  Based on my experience with the directory, it takes a long time to get any traction with traffic from humans.  1. Having the blog helped and having articles that were more than site news helped.  2. For the directory traffic comes from a. webrings b. direct links from other websites c. social networks d, discussion groups e. other directories f. search engines supply some traffic to the blog only. SE’s don’t like listing directories.  I get quite a bit of search engine traffic to the blog from DuckDuckGo, Bing, Mojeek, Wiby, Google, Yandex and and some smaller engines including  Together these add up to a steady little stream, but nowhere near commercial amounts of traffic.  I got to say social networks helped a lot at the very beginning.


Things we can all do to help

  1. If you have a blog or a HTML static website with lots of text, add your site to the search engine.  Help grow his index.
  2. Try out  Try it as a surf engine.  If you like it, add it to your blog roll or link page.

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