I have added quite a few new listings.  Some are submissions and some are editorial adds.


Also added are some new categories:

Amtrak: under Recreation > Travel  I added some useful guides for traveling on Amtrak rail.  Because we have to decrease our use of cars and airplanes for travel so be need to start figuring out how we can use Amtrak.

Europe: under News  I found these useful and not overly commercial.


I also added a couple of search engines to the existing category.


Source for the additions is Seirdy’s excellent guide: A look at search engines with their own indexes.  I did not list everything Seirdy does because many are so new and experimental they are not yet useful or interesting for the general public and frankly may not survive.


Other Site News:

I finally spotted Applebot crawling in the directory.  This means Apple is still crawling which I think is a good thing.

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3 thoughts on “Indieseek.xyz Directory Additions May 2022

  1. @AndySylvester Hi Andy! I knew when I started that I could expect no search engine traffic to just a directory. (Although all the search engine crawlers hammer the directory because they want to know who I’m linking to, they just don’t reciprocate and send traffic to it.) So I knew I needed to combine it with a blog and especially a blog with Indieweb.org plugins, in order to get some sort of traffic.

    The WP blog part of the site does get traffic from search engines.

    So that is the reasoning behind combining a blog and a directory.

    So I found that WSNLinks (dot) com has a WordPress version. It’s the complete directory php script but with hooks in it which put admin controls in WP and lets you use the WP Theme throughout the blog and directory. AT the time, I had to use an Indieweb compatible WP theme that would also worrk with WSNLinks. Fortunately SemPress worked.

    WSNLinks is an old school script (still being updated and supported) so it has all the tools to really manage a proper directory which makes life easier.

    Sorry for the long answer. I hope I did answer your question. Thanks for asking!

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