Like:  Detailed tests of search engines: Google, Startpage, Bing, DuckDuckGo, metaGer, Ecosia, Swisscows, Searx, Qwant, Yandex, and Mojeek | LibreTechTips

Since my last article, many other alternatives have cropped up, bringing some very interesting features and concepts, but it still remains to be seen if they offer acceptable results in the fundamentally important area of relevant search results. This comparison sets out to analyze and compare the current batch of alternatives in 2020.


This is a nice detailed review of the search engines named above.  Each undergoes the same tests and the results are analysed.

What this excellent article shows, is we need more search engines that have their own crawlers and indexes.  Most of the search engines tested rely on Bing for their core organic results which usually means: when Bing fails they all fail.  A near global duopoly of just Google and Bing is just ridiculous considering the size of the Internet audience in English alone.


I pointed this out in: How Many Bing Using Search Engines Can We Handle?  We have enough Bing retreads, it’s time for some more crawlers and indexes in English.


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