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Love is Zero – Is a site submitted by the owner just today.  What makes it stand out to me is it’s a really well done fusion of Geocities type sites translated to WordPress.  It just gives out a great ’00’s vibe while also taking advantage of some of the extra features WordPress provides.  Also, there is a lot of original fan fiction and resource listings and a blog, all in a very talented and attractive website.  Recommended.

What’s also cool is this site and it’s peers are intended to be found by surfing with “affiliates” and “elite affiliates” and other meticulous hyperlinking.  This is how we surfed the web back in the old days and it’s great to see webmasters still doing it.

Love is Zero is listed under > Personal Pages.

Moreover, Love is Zero led me to a bunch of non-commercial small directories.


All these directories have been added to the directory under Internet > Searching > Specialized.

Some of these have been around for a long time.  They are what the web and hyperlinking are all about: helping people to navigate the web.  In this instance they help non-commercial personal and hobby sites get found.  It’s like there is this semi-covert web surfing network just below to the surface.  Google has abandoned them for Brand Names and commercial sites only care about themselves and money and yet here we have a bunch of good little directories linking us to the fun sites that I call “the street fair of the web”.  These little directories and the sites they list are the true Independent Web, it never went away, it’s still here.


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