It’s been a busy Late Autumn but we managed to make a few changes and improvements to the directory in late 2019.

  1. 800 listings.  Yeah we hit 800 with all sorts of new listings added.  More to come.  I’ve been removing dead listings (dead wood) as I find them, and there has been some.  800 links isn’t a lot in the big scheme of things but then we are not trying to be big or pretty: just useful, real and sometimes entertaining.
  2. Added climate change category.  This has not generated a lot of interest yet, but heck it’s an important topic and a handy place to find over 30 useful sites on the topic – all in a bunch.
  3. Changed the way search works on the directory.  I think this works much better because it makes it easier to find a category that matches you subject faster.
  4. Added highlighting to search results. So now your search keyword(s) are highlighted in yellow.
  5. Started a new discussion forum about directories and discovery.
  6. Instructions on Adding Indieseek to Vivaldi (should work for Opera and maybe Chrome).
  7. Reminder: We Have Fresh RSS Feeds. for your feed reader.  You can keep track of new listings this way.
  8. Oh and added a couple of new quotes to the Quote Collection.

Thank you to all who have used the directory over our first year.  And additional thanks to all who have added their websites.  Feel free to tell your friends.

Have a Happy New Year!

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