This is my bucket list of things I’d like to do on or on subdomains.


  1. Start a Decentralized Search and Discovery forum.  I could find only one forum site devoted to web directories, but it is abandoned and spammed out.  One goal I have is to help anyone interested in building directories to replicate the process.  Or help those coding new directory platforms understand what kind of features they need to code to manage them.   Also, blogrolls, directory rolls, webmentions, webrings and a fusion of all these things.  I think threaded discussions, that can be referred to later are important.  And this whole discovery thing needs some in depth brainstorming. Chat is too ephemeral.
  2. Webring hosting.  This is kind of a long shot.  As long as is still around I do not see a need.  I’m not sure I see a need if they were gone.
  3. If no demand for the forum (above) I would start a wiki about the same thing.  Maybe the wiki is better but it is hard to have a back and forth conversation on a wiki.
  4. Start a niche directory on a subdomain.  I’m not sure about what yet.  Might be totally unrelated.

None are written in stone or in the very near future.  I have to build the blog and directory first.
















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