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This is Indieseek.  Here’s the Home Page and here is the directory.  The whole site should be responsive to work on phone, tablet and computer screens.  I’ve already written a features post which lists many features but really it’s best to just explore and find stuff.

The site is a fusion of a WordPress blog and WSNLinks, a very powerful directory script.  The reason I went this route was because WordPress can be equipped with Indieweb.org plugins which lets other sites communicate with Indieseek and lets Indieseek communicate with them.  A directory script, on it’s own, just cannot do that.  Hopefully I will write enough compelling posts to keep the whole site from sliding into obscurity.

This is a small starter effort to address how websites get discovered, especially new blogs and websites.  For a decade we’ve all been syndicating out to Facebook and Twitter to get traffic, because that bypasses Google.  Well, Facebook and Twitter are slowly closing down syndication from blogs, which leaves us all, once again, at the mercy of Google.  I don’t think the Web should rely on just Google and Bing for website discovery.  We are fools to put all our eggs in just two baskets.

I have no illusions that one, old school directory is going to take on Google, but you can read my essay on decentralized search for more insight into what I’m thinking.

Right now this is a tiny directory.  I’ve filled it with a starter set of links (Brad’s bookmarks, mainly)  🙂  so you have something to explore but also to do two things: 1. show that there are websites and pages out there that don’t always rank well in the search engines but are worth seeing, 2. List resources to encourage people to build their own non-corporate blogs and websites.

Now I have a favor to ask:  Please submit your blogs, photoblogs, podcasts, microcasts, static sites.  Especially, please add, the personal blogs (those blogs that are about everything) because those are the hardest for me to try and describe on my own.  There is a Help page with simple instructions.

Beyond that, bookmark us, use us as we grow, tell your friends, spread the word, tip your server, be kind to those less fortunate and flip the bird to our monopolist Corporate Overlords.

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