Marginalia Search is a new web search engine worth bookmarking, using and paying attention to.  It has it’s own crawler, algo(s) and index.

What makes Marginalia Search different is it prefers text-heavy websites and penalizes sites made with modern web design.  This means it filters out commercial websites because those are the ones being churned out for commercial sales or as advertisement farms while it favors text-heavy weblogs and HTML sites.

Marginalia is about indexing the content web and ignoring the commercial web as much as possible so it’s mission is very similar to our own here at  Except as a crawling search engine, Marginalia uses much better technology and can scale better. This is a Good Thing, because one of the biggest complaints is that the Web has become boring and over commercialized.  Marginalia Search is trying to address this.

So far, I’m really liking what I see here.

I have added Marginalia Search to the directory in the following categories:

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