None of this is new news, it’s just new to me and in case it slipped under your radar I’m sharing it.

It starts with this interview in HackerNoon: Startpage is Still a Privacy-First Search Engine, says System1 CEO

System1 is an ad tech company that is getting into the Internet privacy business.  They are best known for buying the privacy meta-search engine Startpage.

But wait there is more.

Last year we acquired the Waterfox browser, which is known for, among other things, being privacy friendly. We are also working on a private mapping solution in our MapQuest business. We believe a combined offering, which could include VPN and other privacy-related services, would be a very interesting privacy bundle for our users. Stay tuned!

So they own Startpage, Waterfox browser, and good old MapQuest, a pioneer in online mapping.  Yeah they have the beginning building blocks for a suite there if they can put them all together.

DuckDuckGo is more than just a search engine, they are a privacy company.  Brave browser is now expanding into privacy search. Now System1 has shown that they have bigger plans than just a search engine. Interesting.

Other References:

Waterfox web browser sold to System1 | ghacks

Verizon sells mapping service MapQuest to ad-tech firm System1 | Josh Loe

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