Bookmark: How to Surf the Web (nowadays)

This is a great retro 1990’s page chock full of resources and tips on how to surf the web in 2021.  There are links to new tools and starting points for web surfing.  This looks like a lot of fun and I intend to use this as my starting point.

Back in the 1990’s we surfed the web, because search engines pretty much sucked.  Yes it took time to surf the web but it was endlessly entertaining back in those days before everything became a commercial for some product.  A lot of the tools we used to use to surf are long gone, but this guide lists replacements.  Good stuff.

In addition to that page, the Webmaster at has built a remarkable website and I encourage you to explore the whole site.  It’s not just nostalgia, she has created webrings, search engines, discussion groups and listed extensive guides and resources.  Well worth browsing.

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