A few weeks ago I wanted to offer a copy/paste searchbox here on Indieseek.xyz so other webmasters could offer a search box on their site.  The problem was I had no idea how to code it.  I can edit some HTML but not devise it from scratch.

Then I remembered, I had offered a search box on one of my niche directories back in 2004 and I was using an earlier version of the same directory script.

Would Archive.org‘s Wayback machine have preserved that?

Would the code still work?

I pulled up my old directory on Wayback.  Found the link to the ancient “Link to Us” page.  Would this work?  I clicked on it.  After a long delay the page came up.  And there was the copy/paste code!  I copied it and saved it in a Notebook.

Now would it work?  I edited the domain and quick slapped it up on a server page and It Worked!  That search box code made by a guy I hired back in the early Aughts was still good.

I won’t bore you with my frantic quest for a HTML guide to learn how to code a textarea and all that, But an hour later I had my new Link to Us page up and running complete with copy paste codes.

I think the ghosts on my long dead site, once my flagship directory, were looking out for me even after all these years. Web 1.0 to the rescue.

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