In the old days, the Index page was the formal front door to a website and the same holds true today.  But modern search engines don’t care as much about the index page so generally we teleport into some page deep in the interior of a website so the major doorways don’t really matter.

But for bookmarks on your many devices Indieseek has several potential doorways.  And you can bookmark different doorways on different devices depending on the capabilities of that device and how you like to work with it.

Here are some suggested doorways to bookmark:

  • (Home) – as minimalist as I could make it.  If a plain search box is your preference this is for you. Bookmark on smartphone.
  • (Directory) – the directory section homepage. This is perfect for those that prefer to browse and drill down through the categories. You are really at the heart of the directory here.  And it also has a search form just in case.  Bookmark on laptop, tablet.
  • (Blog) – should you be mostly interested in what I write bookmark this. (Hey, no laughing in the peanut gallery!  People read my stuff.) Bookmark on any device.

Of course you are welcome to bookmark any page you want, these are just suggestions. The choice is yours.

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