Q.: Does your directory have a crawler/spider?


Why yes we do.  Although he’s getting kinda old and is a grumpy old git and he hobbles more than crawls.  When he’s not mopping the floors and washing the bottles he can be found adding URL’s to our directory.  Generally he can add about 20 URL’s a day, sometimes 25 if we juice him up with caffeine.  After about 20 site reviews he starts going all cross-eyed.  We tried naming him Bradbot but it never really took.  🙂


Not really.  Indieseek does have a meta tag fetcher.  When I put a URL in the field the meta tag fetcher tries to grab that page’s Title, Description and Keyword meta tags and fill in those fields.  It does the same thing when the public submits a URL and it saves some time.

Other than that, everything is manual.

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