I need to capture something I suggested on Micro.blog yesterday before I lose track.  Fortunately Kick’s has a copy:

Question: Wiki’s as we currently know them are more about writing (knowledge base) connected in a non-linear fashion and minimal heirarchy, so can one make a wiki/directory – a fusion of the two forms? Not quite a wiki as we presently know it but not quite a directory either, but still a portal that lists other websites and is used to navigate the web. It would need to be searchable. Next question, would it be useable, or to put it another way would the man on the street understand it? Can it scale?

I think this is something to think about.

Source and my reply.


I suspect Kick’s has already thought of this. I swear the guy is a walking ideavirus.  But it’s new to me so I get to play with the idea.

What I’m thinking of is a wikidirectory which would index outside links but be capable of cross indexing, the way wiki’s do, within the listing’s description field.  You could also have a field below the description for Editor’s notes.  (ie. “This is yet another niche directory run by BradEnslen which means it is all done in GSA gray and boring to look at.”  Wherein the words in italics would lead you off to a page on either niche directories or a page on BradEnslen which would have a linked bibliography of all known web sites made by said BradEnslen.)

It’s really interesting but it would be a nightmare for one person to maintain if it had any size.

Still there is a germ of something interesting there.

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