Notes on stuff to add to

Category: Paranormal (and UFO) – not really my thing but fun to read. Good rabbit hole.  Back when I had cable TV it seemed like there were always ghost hunter shows on so it might be popular.  That’s the thing, it is one of those topics where people are passionate about – passionate enough to build their own amateur websites.  Something to contemplate.  Might spice things up and keep the index from being too – dry. Research needed.

Category:  I need to find some way to deal with general non-fiction.  For example, where would I list a publisher of multi topic non-fiction?  With small press, micro press and ebook press publishers rising I need to figure out something. Thought needed.

Wiki – I’m toying with the idea of putting up a wiki on the server. 1. I’ve always wanted to play with a wiki, 2. I want to keep notes on ideas for directory building and and search engine building and stuff.  Seems like over the winter is a good time to mess with it.


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