The elves that build search engines are really kicking into high gear, and I’m loving it.  If you have been following my writings for awhile you know that I want a Web with 5 to 8 major search engines and bunches of smaller search engines and hundreds of directories.  The Web is being harmed by having a Google and Bing duopoly controlling the gateways to the Web.  So I’m rooting for all search engines with their own indexes and crawlers and I’m always on the lookout for new contenders.


The following have been added to the directory.


Small Search Engines


  1. Alexandria Search – being developed as a non-profit. It’s index comes from the Common Crawl so it’s in the billions of pages.  No crawler is mentioned on the website so I’m going to guess they totally rely on Common Crawl for additions to the index.  I’m impressed by their algo.  I’m getting really good results considering they don’t have a humongous index.  This is one to watch
  2.  Yep – this is a beta commercial search engine started by an SEO tools company.  The company already has crawlers scouring the web building reports about who is linking to who for SEO purposes.  And they had crawl data going way back.  Somebody decided that they could expand what their crawler already collects to include data about each page like a real search engine.  Since they are crawling anyway this search engine makes a heck of a lot of sense.  Results are mixed but I expect them to improve because these are SEO’s and they do know a lot about search ranking.  You can tel with the current results that a lot of their data is linking data but the results are interesting,  This is another one to watch.


Really Small Search Engines


These are small and not really usable – yet.  But you have to start somewhere.  These have their own crawlers and are building their own indexes so major points for that.

  1. Bloopish
  2. Crawlson



Again hat-tip to Seirdy for these.


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