June 2022 was a busy month here at Indieseek.xyz.  I cranked out 16 new posts on the blog which ties my record.  This includes two website promotion guides one for static websites and another for personal blogs.


New Webring

I started the Retroweb Ring, a new webring for non-commercial, personal pages like static HTML sites, but also personal blogs and directories that list them.  You are invited to apply if you meet the criteria.

Webrings are undergoing a revival and there is high demand to both start a webring but also join a well managed ring.



I installed a new guestbook.  I’m taking a cue from the old Web and many personal homepages, and giving people a chance to give feedback or just be neighborly and say “Hi”.  Please sign.


New Listings

Lots of new listings in the directory both submitted and found.


Did you know we have a separate RSS feed that shows only new directory listings?  Just the new link goodness.


Site Promotion

I submitted the site for inclusion in several directories.  I won’t name which ones because that wouldn’t be fair to them.  I’m not sure we will be accepted but I guess I’ll find out in time.




Things get broken on a website.  After a few years of constant updates to both the directory script and the blog script certain pages quit working or got scrambled or the menu got messed up.  Anyway I spent some time fixing things and clearing some dead wood out of the directory.  It always pains me when an old time website finally goes dark.  It’s sad, just sad.  But still more to do because it never ends.


More to come in July!  Stay tuned.


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