Micro.blog Blogs Linear (Web)Ring

This is a linear webring (heh, if there can be such a thing) open to any blog(s) that participate by posting to the Micro.blog social network community.  Both MB hosted blogs and self-hosted blogs are welcome.

Member List.

What’s all this then?

I tried making a conventional webring and failed.  You can read about that here if you wish.  But most webrings have an index page of members why not create an index of members and if members link to it, we share traffic that way?  It’s a sort of linear webring.  It’s not quite as fun as a circular webring but then a lot of people surfed the web using the index pages of webrings back in the 1990’s.

How to join

To join the linear webring click here.  Fill out the forms.

Or, if you prefer you can use the form below:


Sorry.  I had to remove the form for now.  Spam-bots found it and I have been flooded with spam signups.  I’ll replace it after I can find a more protected solution.  Thanks.


I’ll look at your site and process your request.

Add the ring Code

After you are accepted, place the following text on your site and be sure to link it to the URL below.

TEXT: “Member of the Micro.blog Blogs Linear Ring”


It will look like this:

Member of the Micro.blog Blogs Linear Ring

(Feel free to nofollow the link if you want the importance is that it clicks through.)


This ring is not endorsed by Micro.blog and is completely unofficial.  It’s just an effort by me, a MB community member, to help build the community of MB blogs.