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Homepages that are either about the builder or are an expression of the builder's HTML skills. Also some WTF pages. Think 1990's Geocities and you get the picture. These pages don't have to be about anything, just interesting enough to be included.

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Also includes Commonplace Books.
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A form of personal knowledge base or note keeping online. Your personal notes are written on virtual note cards which are cross indexed with each other and or hyperlinked to eventually show connections between cards and ideas and concepts. Is similar to a digital garden but not exactly the same.
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Weblogs Updated

This category is for weblogs (blogs) that are about anything and everything, like most personal blogs and web presences.

Try to list your major topic areas and features in the description.

Weblogs that are about a specific subject (ie. recipes, computers, etc) should go in a topic category elsewhere in the directory.
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