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  • by on Mon, 01 Mar 2021 10:03:05 -0600:
    I get my first Covid jab today. I guess this means I should put some trousers on.
  • by on Mon, 01 Mar 2021 06:17:12 -0600:
    It’s inevitable, your kids and your grand kids will go through a phase where they think they know everything and that everything you did was wrong and stupid. Just like you did.
  • by on Mon, 01 Mar 2021 06:01:22 -0600:
    Random: Archaeologists dig and date things by soil layers. Somewhere down there is a whole layer of aluminum drink can pop tabs (the old kind that you completely remove and we used to cut our feet on.) Pure evil.…
  • Watched: Video FAQ on Using a deGoogled Phone by on Sun, 28 Feb 2021 09:59:02 -0600:
    Here is a good video on what it’s like to use a deGoogled phone . It answers a lot of common questions. Watching this video helped reassure me that 1. I was making the right choice (at least for now) by going with a deGoogled Android phone instead of a Linux phone, and 2. that the deGoogled phone would work as my daily driver.

    My choice was to buy an phone . There are other flavors of deGoogled AndroidASOP but the has put a lot of effort into making their phones an easy mainstream choice, one that you won’t regret later.

    If you are looking for a phone with more privacy but still have questions, give the video a watch.
  • by on Fri, 26 Feb 2021 14:27:49 -0600:
    Testing Gluon on eOS.
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