Hey, while everybody else is posting articles about how to work from home, I’m giving you links related to slacking off.  Consider me your uncle that tells you about stuff that you know Mom and Dad wouldn’t approve of.  🙂

Passing the time while cooped up in your home because you are self-isolating, quarantined or sheltering in place can be boring once your work from home tasks are done.  Here are some links to our directory resources that might help entertain you and your family.

Coronavirus News – I’m half addicted to reading news about this unfolding story.  I listed 5 links to sites with a broad and breaking news focus about Covid-19.

Role Playing Games – 63 links to all sorts of table top (pen and paper) RPG’s.  Abandon your search for truth and look for good fantasy!  The main thing here is there are a lot of links to free rule sets.  So if you are stuck somewhere without rules or just want to try something different you can find it here.  Also listed are how-to guides, RPG podcasts, publisher sites and paid rule stores.

Internet Radio – Only 11 links but 3 or 4 of them are to directories that specialize in online radio.  Stay informed, listen to music while you work or listen to Old Time Radio shows.  You can find a lot here.  Of course you can always listen to your local NPR station.

Movies –  19 links.  You might get some new ideas if you are running out of films to watch like: “60 Free Film Noir Movies” or in depth reviews of 100 spy movies.

Humor – 41 links.  I’m not going to lie to you, most of these are just amusing time wasters.  Don’t expect a lot of high social value.  A good place to veg out.

Preppers – Various prepper and living off grid websites. 14 in all.  Might be time to study up.

Podcasts –  31 links to various podcasts on all subjects.  Find good stuff for your daily walks.

Surfing the Web – I’m going to recommend two collections by my friends: the dailywebthing and href.cool.

Enjoy.  Be safe.


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We have a new Linear Ring for Micro.blog Blogs.  It’s open to any blog, hosted of self-hosted that posts into the Micro.blog community.

Micro.bloggers can submit whatever section of their blog that they want, whatever they thing will most engage readers.  So, for example, if you have just a category for long form posts you can submit that category.  Likewise, many Microbloggers have two blogs, one for long form posts and one for micro blogging.  Submit one or both, the choice is yours.

The main idea is to get people from outside the Micro.blog social network exploring our blogs like you  would with a conventional webring.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll answer.

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