The difference between Google and Bing in this case is consistent with something I’ve noticed lately, which is that Google seems to be forgetting a lot of old stuff. Maybe it’s because the company is deprecating http in deference to https.

Source: Doc Searls: Google vs. Bing.

Okay there are a lot of “IF’s” in here.  IF this is really about depreciating http sites and IF this is permanent.  But…

  1. It directly effects the Indieweb.  One thing that running Indieseek has shown me is a lot of legacy Web 1.0 sites are still http and will likely never change.  Second: a lot of active blogs and other busy, creative Indieweb websites are still http.
  2. This makes it even harder for Indieweb sites to get traffic from Google.
  3. Google is once again warping the web for their own purposes.
  4. It shows that Google isn’t about quality, it’s about newness and popularity.
  5. It shows the need for decentralized search.

I think this validates what we’re doing here at Indieseek.  So remember, in case some mook at your favorite search engine flips a switch and shitcans all the Indieweb sites we’re here for you, we got your back.

When one search engine controls 90% of search change can happen that quick.  This may be a temporary blip, but the lesson holds: make sure you are listed in more than just one search engine.


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It’s been slow here at the directory. Real World and holiday fuss has been getting in the way of my schedule.  But the good news is that directory listings have a fairly good shelf life so they won’t spoil.

WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg

The blog part of this site is powered by WordPress and the recent update to WordPress 5.0 has forced plugin developers to push out a rash of updates to their plugins. Despite that some things are broken here: widgets have had fatal errors and died, and other oddities. All that is a timewaster, trying to correct things and track down the causes.  As I write this I’m not sure this post will even publish correctly.


Blogger Ton Zijlstra submitted his blog Interdependent Thoughts to the directory, so thank you Ton!  This is good because Ton was able to write his own description for the listing which summarizes the subjects and themes of his blog far better than I could do.


I added a few more podcasts, couple of blogs, music sites, news and vacuum cleaner collector sites.


You may have noticed, there is a comments link for each listing in the directory.  If you particualarly like the website, software or whatever listed I encourage you to comment on it.  My hope is that we all can help guide others to the good stuff.

Featured Catagories

Society>>Emergencies – handy links from US Government guides.

Society>>Emergencies>>Preppers – Some prepper stuff, which I tried to filter out the extemes and go for useful info. But also a lot of living off the grid sites which could be useful in case of a widespread, extended power outage (ie. Puerto Rico).

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah or Happy Solstice.

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Like: Searching the Creative Internet

@davidcrawshaw we are here. is here to help.  Sure we’re not a high tech search engine but what could be more 1990’s than a web directory?  You call it the Creative Internet (good name BTW) and we call it the Independent Web but we’re talking about the same thing. Our mission is to try and index that “Creative Internet”.

And is not alone, There are other indexes, with similar goals.  Just so you know that a few people are thinking the same way and trying.

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I logged in early this morning to find 23 “Guests” on the directory.  Further investigation showed all the Guests were from the same IP just moving fast and all instances were trying to leave comments on listings.  IOW a bot, a comment spam bot.

Anyway I banned the IP.  It’s not something I like to do because innocents get caught up in bans but this is the kind of stuff that ruins the web for everybody.

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We have a new feature this week: Random link.  If you go to our main directory page on your laptop and look at the top of the right sidebar you will see a random site that is listed in the directory. Click on it and go if you want.  It changes each time you visit.  Could be a website could be an article.  Fun! Adventure!

Visits from Googlebot and Yandexbot continue.  I guess that’s good.  I’m still have no idea if Google even likes directories.  A couple of worthless “marketing” ‘bots have been around.

Mystery Guests:

We’ve had a couple of “Guests” from the Pacific Rim camp out in our Help pages.  I think they are bots but they are not marked as bots.  They just seem to hang out in the Help pages, sometimes they leave and then come back. Odd.

Added a few very interesting blogs, podcasts and microcasts to the index.  So we continue to grow, find new things and learn.  Good stuff.

See you next week.



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It was no surprise to me that a day or two after signing up for Yandex Metrica, Yandex’s answer to Google Analytics, that Yandexbot showed up and started indexing the site in depth and especially the directory.  And Yandexbot keeps coming back for more.  Yandex is right up front about their mission, they provide this extensive analytics service because they are a search engine company and this helps them discover new web pages – IOW, same reason as Google.

I’ve used Yandex Metrica on my blog site for several months and have been very pleased. They even have a WordPress plugin.

The reason I don’t use Google Analytics, is Google already knows enough about me and my websites, I don’t trust them and I’m certainly not going to give them inside information on my website traffic.  I don’t totally trust any search engine company but I like to break up information about my websites into separate silos.  Yandex is free and more powerful than GA and is real time and GA isn’t.

Here is a good article on Yandex Metrica and it’s features.

Google already knows too much about you, give Metrica a try.

Back to the spidering:  I get very little traffic from Yandex and I don’t expect much.  But when I do a site search on I notice a little logo that says results enhanced by Yandex.  While I can’t prove it, my theory is that DDG uses Yandex for really deep site search crawling.  So being in Yandex’s index may have benefits unseen.  It can’t hurt.

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Like: Scoping Out Basics of #IndieWeb Search

Sounds like a great project and very worthwhile.

I can understand opt in.  I’m a little leery if the requirement is to use h-cards for that because as we have seen half the time that does not work.  Also it eliminates people on their own domain who might not have the ability to modify.  Just thinking out loud.


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Fun with WordPress themes.  I looked into installing the Indieweb Twenty-Sixteen theme, but Live Preview started freaking out when I tried to preview the directory part of the site.  I took that as a sign not to save and try it live, especially before a holiday when support might be spotty.  Sigh.  There are so few Indieweb ready themes so I don’t really have any other choices.

Instead I lightened up the current theme a bit by changing the background color.   Not much more I can do.  Colors are not my thing.

In the footer of our search results I replaced MetaGer search engine with Dailywebthing: Linkport search because it’s also indexing the independent web.

Adding New Sites:

Slowed for the holiday week.  But I still added some Neocities sites, some good blogs, and a few other listings.


Listings related to Internet privacy are scattered all over the directory so I created a Privacy Category and cloned a copy of all those listings to it.  So now you can see it all in a bunch.

New Posts

Bookmark: the dailywebthing linkport

Directory Building Just Got: Easier, Cheaper and #Indieweb


Have a great weekend!

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Joe Jenett created a site he calls the “linkport” which combines some of the best parts of a web directory and a linkblog: “directory linkblog” to give it a generic name.  I want to explain how this changes the directory building game and how you can make this Indieweb compatible.

So keep the Linkport (above) open in a tab and look at it as we go along.

The Directory Linkblog

  1. WordPress: The basis of this is a blog script.  WordPress is perfect because there are lots of plugins available to help you do it right.  For simplicity sake you want to dedicate this WP install to the directory.
  2. Search & Categories: Most old style linkblogs do not have a dedicated search or subject categories. These two things combined are what make the directory linkblog different and usable. You want to have your blog search dedicated to the linkblog.  You will want to find a plugin that enhances the WP search.  You want to have subject categories for every link.
  3. One link per post.

If you take a look at Joe’s Linkport you will see all these elements.  That is the beauty of it.  It combines the immediacy, newness and freshness of a linkblog with the categories and listings search of a directory script.  You have an RSS feed, plus you can syndicate to social networks.  And WordPress is a free script available with one click install from almost any hosting company.  Bang! The Walls of Jericho just tumbled down.  Almost anyone can start their own directory linkblog, be it, general, niche whatever and dirt cheap too.

This greatly aids everyone in building decentralized search.


This does not have quite all the features of a regular directory script.  There is no way for webmasters to submit a URL, although you could use a contact form.  You are also limited to one top layer of categories not a hierarchy.

Now Add Cowbell Indieweb

This makes it even more exciting:  add Indieweb goodness.

  • Use an Indieweb compatible theme.
  • Install the Indieweb plugins for WP and set them up.
  • This means that any time you list a new link you will be telling the blog listed that you have mentioned them.  This helps generate awareness of your directory linkblog and usage. Plus it expands the Indieweb.

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Bookmark: the dailywebthing linkport

A large linkblog of the Independent Web.  Linkport is basically mapping the same sorts of sites as only for a lot longer.  Use the keyword search or click on a category and for all practical purposes you have a human edited search engine / directory of the Independent Web. This is the best put together linkblog I can ever remember seeing.

Created by @jenett

Added to the directory Internet > Searching > Linkblogs


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