Roaming the Web, as I do, I’ve started noticing more linkblogs of late.

For the purposes of this post I’m defining a linkblog as a blog dedicated to passing along URL links, as opposed to a normal blog which would have a mixture of content posts and link posts.  The purpose of a linkblog is to pass along interesting links to any readers.  So they are a curated stream of interesting links.

When blogging became popular in the 2000’s, some bloggers found so many neat links that they found it advantageous to dedicate a seperate blog specifically for recommending links, and thus the linkblog was born.

But since the 2000’s linkblogs have been sort of falling out of favor along with blogging as many people switched to social network silos.  In 2018 it was kinda rare to come across a dedicated linkblog.  But recently I’ve stumbled upon several newish ones which give me hope that linkblogs might be making a comeback.  We’re not talking massive amounts here but enough to be noticeable.

You can find them in the linkblog section of our directory.


Best ways to follow a linkblog.

Putting the linkblog’s RSS feed into your feed reader is an excellent way to get a steady stream of links to interesting things.  Or, if you don’t use a feed reader you can look and see if the linkblog has a newsletter or a subscribe by email notification system for new posts.  Either method lets you sit back and get notified only when the linkblogger posts something new.

Thinking of starting your own linkblog?

It’s pretty easy to start a linkblog, all you need is a simple blog.  Many of the linkblogs at the link above tell you where they are hosted so poke around and explore.  I do recommend that your linkblog have a RSS feed and a newsletter feature since those are ways people can subscribe.

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5 thoughts on “Are Linkblogs Making a Comeback?

  1. This is good news, Brad! I’ve been gathering links on Bob Dylan and ham radio for decades. I’ve nearly filled up my Android phone, so it’s getting slow. Maybe I need to start a separate linkblog for each and get all that stuff off my phone. Ya think?


    • I think that will work. It strikes me that Bob Dylan and ham radio are important subjects and it would be good for you to share those links with the world. I suggest a blog platform with a good search feature, since there will be a lot of links people can search deeper.

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