I’m aware of the disagreement about the use of Brave Search API as a search source for the Kagi metasearch engine.

I’m sympathetic to both sides in this debate but I feel the need to point out that, right now, Kagi has very limited options available to it in trying to build a good meta-search engine, which is a worthy goal.

There are only a very few search engines that: 1) have their own index, 2) have an API for search results, 3) have an index big enough and an algo good enough to be useful,  4) have enough bandwidth to supply Kagi without crashing or lag.  You need all these things and that narrows the field real fast.  Off the top of my head you have these choices: Bing, Yandex, Mojeek, and Brave for general web search, with a couple of others that are in beta testing and not quite ready.

So Why Not Just Use Bing?

Because – everybody – everybody else is using Bing.  Yahoo uses Bing so does DuckDuckGo and so does many dozens of other search engines.  Kagi is trying to use a monthly subscription model to pay the bills instead of ads.  People are not going to pay a monthly fee to Kagi for yet another Bing retread.  Kagi needs something that is both good and unique which, right now means, they need to create a metasearch engine that uses multiple engines, they are: Yandex, Mojeek and Brave.

And points here to Kagi, they are paying the API fees for rights to use these search results rather than scraping.

So my point here is that Kagi’s attempt at putting together a worthy, multi engine, metasearch engine is a good thing.  The choices are limited and Kagi’s very reason for being is rolled up in it at least until some other search engines with their own indexes come along.  If Kagi waits around for every provider to be a saint that Kagi search engine will never get built.  Sometimes you just have to roll with what is available, now, when you need it.

Disclaimer:  I have no affiliation with Kagi search.  I don’t use Kagi search because I’m cheap and don’t want to be paying for yet another subscription.

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