I made a Thing!

Actually I made two things.

Two site randomizers to entertain you and help you discover things on the Web.  And … Adventure!

  1. Stumblizer – this is my cobbled together version of the long gone StumbleUpon.  It is a site randomizer so you click the link and you get a random website.  It’s for entertainment.  These are not quick one-shot sight gags, there is stuff there, if you have a curious mind the sites could turn into rabbit holes to explore.
  2. Directory Stumble – This was my test bed and proof of concept.  This is for hard core web surfing. Like the name implies, every directory in Directory Stumble is a web links treasure box, with hundreds of links, that can act as a starting point for further web surfing adventure.  Just follow those hyperlinks.


I know there are a lot of stumble type sites on the Web already and all of them have a nicer UI than mine.  But maybe there is room for my two stumble-thingies as well.

There is no advertising, they are about having fun with hyperlinks, surfing, exploring odd corners of the Web at random and also discovery which is what Indieseek.xyz Directory is all about.  Also, unlike the original StumbleUpon, this is just a randomizer, it does not try to tailor recommendations for you personally. It just gives you, a. random. site.

I hope you enjoy them.

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6 thoughts on “I made a new Stumble type Randomizer: A Stumblizer

    • Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you liked it. We’re here for you, any time you are being too productive and need to slack off. 🙂

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