I added some new search engines to the directory here.  What makes these worth listing is they all have their own index.  This makes them unique even though the index may currently be small.

  1. GoWiki – Small, growing, privacy.
  2. Petal Search – New commercial search engine from Huawei.  I think their index is fairly large.  I don’t know if they are using another search engine (maybe Yandex?) for backfill. Assume it is not private.
  3. Plumb One – Index is small, growing.  Plumb uses Bing to provide search results when their own index does not have enough listings.
  4. Right Dao – Small, growing, uncensored, privacy.
  5. Search My Site – Open source, lists personal and independent websites only. This is a curated index.  Only crawls sites that are submitted and only after human review.  I like this one.  The front page suggests searching for hobbies or interests and my searches of “role playing” and “indieweb” brought up lots of interesting results.

All are listed in the directory under Search Engines or Indie Web Indexes.

Hat tip to Seirdy for making me aware of most of these new search engines.

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