I and a few others have been wrestling with the whole issue of discovery of non-commercial blogs and websites and how to keep said efforts relatively low tech and low cost to stay within the reach of the average user.Β  Keeping in mind that we are down to only two major search engines with their own indexes, that act as gatekeepers for the English speaking world, and we need to have a guerrilla web discovery movement.

Our answer at this time is: some sort of small curated directory.*

But it’s hard to encourage people who are alone and unsure to build a directory of any sort without a support community to learn, find resources and talk shop in.

Therefore, I’ve put together a: Tiny Web Directory Forum, for anyone interested.Β  Β Topics will be both practical about building and running directories, but also about non search engine ways of discovery and theory.Β  If interested, join and participate.

What we are not about: is setting up directories for link popularity or SEO.


*Note: For the purposes of this announcement I’m defining “directories” as directories, linkblogs, extensive link lists, webrings, things that are hybrids of directories and search engines, blogrolls etc. In short, alternate ways of navigating the web.

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