These are notebook type thoughts.  I’m developing my thoughts.

I have been thinking of a directory of directories and how that would work.  There is no value in just listing a bunch of spammy directories built only for SEO purposes.  And I have already listed the good traditional directories in Indieseek.

However, what if I got away from what I normally consider a “directory” and started thinking about hyperlink nodes – collections of hyperlinks?

  • Good Directories – fellow travelers with what Kicks Condor and I are trying to do.
  • Good Indie Search Engines – with their own index.
  • Blogrolls and Following Pages – extensive ones.
  • Link Pages – extensive ones.
  • Niche Directories – many are built using pages on a blog but I keep running into them.
  • Webrings – functioning ones.  (Maybe ??)
  • Other – You know them if you look close, but they may not be obvious.

The first two bullet points, I have or can easily cover here on Indieseek, but the later points from Blogrolls down I don’t think have ever been mapped out.  It’s a bit like cataloging the forgotten notebooks of the web.

The bulleted list above would probably make a good set of top level categories.


The second question is: does this have any value?  And for that I’m not sure.  I could see somebody using the Blogroll category to find blogs that other individuals are following. Each blogroll is a word of mouth recommendation.  And that’s the thing, these relatively small hyperlink nodes, mostly all have humans making them and that has a value – somehow.  This gets down to the grass roots of the Web.  The Web, by definition, is about hyperlinks and linking – by humans for use by humans, not algorithms.

I don’t think it will ever be huge. but may over time end up being larger than I anticipate.  Which is why I’m leaning toward using a directory script vs. trying to do this on the wiki.  Easier to maintain on a purpose built script.

I don’t think it will get used a lot by the public.  I don’t think the public will understand it.  I don’t really care about either of those.  Some people collect rocks, I collect links. *Sigh*  At the minimum this would be a place to keep bookmarks of these hyperlink nodes.

Seems like this could be a good place to store these links publicly since I keep finding them.

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